derog. A white urban tough, of working class or lower middle class origins.
Punk rockers, minorities, and homosexuals avoided the small corner park, where hey-mas gathered on Saturday nights, stewing in their boredom, waiting to stir up violence.
by Clancy Teargarten August 3, 2003
Hey Mas is a meaning of a very fat person but is also intelligent. He/She loves throwing food down their throat when they are at home and their mum has just came back from shopping
They are a Hey Mas
by Hey Mas October 13, 2015
Refers to the love, support and compassion one has to a close friend.
- I know you've had a hard time these past few months but Hey Gringo, ma kéké tu es bonne.
- Thanks mate, I really needed to hear that.
by BumbleBlitz July 5, 2017
When a horny man asks a random girl (ma) if he can get her number.
Hey yo ma can i get yo number? Girl (ma) slaps guy in the face
by Urbanwordcreator December 16, 2015
A line that the famous Viner King Bach uses as a pickup line. It obviously means let me get your number.
-Hey yo ma lemme get yo number.
-Hell no.
by TheseHoesIsLoyal May 22, 2017