Traveling by foot. Named for Herschel "Walker".
It is a nice day outside, so I am just gonna herschel it home.
by Olieo October 17, 2006
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The Baddest Mother Fucker you will ever meet. Everyone want to be his friend or lover.
Vince is the best Herschell you will ever meet.
by Gallodog March 24, 2009
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A smart , respectful gentlemen . Easy to fall in love with and has the girls lining up to be with him . A definite smooth-talker and has the aura of a God . He is definitely a keeper , do your best to keep him because you won't ever find another guy as sweet and as charming as him . Very easy on the eye and has the body of any guy's dreams . Don't ever let him go . He's definitely worth it .
Oh damn , I think I found myself a Herschelle today .
by Kelbel25 November 20, 2016
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Herschel’s... well they are very outgoing, thoughtful, and he’s good looking he’s good at handling things, he can be nice when he wants to but otherwise on the inside he’s just a good, kind hearted, thoughtful person.
Herschel is a wonderful person!
by m.arissa.12 January 26, 2019
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That name, Herschell camer from a scientist, an astronomer, who discovered the planet Uranus and the two moons of Saturn! XD haha

And she's also an AWESOME friend that any could ever have. :3
Everybody in this world needs a Herschell.
by HOELAUSUCK January 1, 2011
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a nasty, purulent infection of the herschels, marked by the presence of pussy lesions.
We are all going to have herschelitis next Monday.
by Docroll July 16, 2011
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