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1. A woman that claims to have gotten pregnant accidentally by falling on another mans dick. 2. A woman that cheated and became pregnant from another man's seed. 3. A woman that is lying just to get on the Maury Povich show.
Until I see some proof, that baby is not mine! How can a Prego trip on a dick?!
by the2ndflood September 22, 2007
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The Task Manager Lag comes about when the user is trying to shut a program down in one of the versions of Microsoft Windows. The Task Manager, which can be accessed by moving the Mouse-Pointer to the Taskbar at the Bottom of the screen; then using the Right-Click Button on the Mouse; which then lets you can choose the (Task Manager). In "ALL" of the versions of Microsoft Windows the Task Manager has always had a very long lag time between the point where you choose to Shut the Program down; to where the program actually closes down. This Lag-Time is something Microsoft just seems unable, or unwilling to correct.
Real Player is such junk! And every time I go to shut it down, the Task Manager Lag can be easily a minute! In over 15 years Microsoft still hasn't been able to fix this giant problem!
by the2ndflood August 4, 2008
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1. A rosy color that forms around the anus after a long period of anal sex. 2. A burning sensation that comes about after a person makes several bowel movements in a day. 3. A pain, accompanied with a red color, that forms around the anus after the use of cheap, gas station restroom toilet paper.
Can you see if I have a Cherry Rose? That toilet paper burned my butt hole big time!
by the2ndflood February 29, 2008
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Another form of the Ebonic term "Nigga". Used when referring to great friend in the past-tense.
Yeah, he was my Niggis but he ain't no more.
by the2ndflood September 22, 2007
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Youtube Pic Clippers are a type of Youtube user that Do Not create and post true videos; but rather post stupid Picture Slide-Shows. This type of post wouldn't be so bad on an Image related web site, but the entire purpose of Youtube is the Posting & Watching of (VIDEOS). So these types of videos just end up misleading people into watching pointless junk. Some Slide-Shows are as small as 3 Images, cycled over and over again, for up to several minutes.
Oh man I saw this icon for a hot ass clip with Vanessa Lengies in it, but it ended up being another stupid Slide-Show! My hopes bashed yet again because Youtube is saturated with lazy Youtube Pic Clippers....
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008
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1. An undercover Republican masking as an Independent. 2. A term used for a person that lies through their teeth. 3. Can be used to describe a person with Hate-Monger views. 4. Someone that still defends George Bush.
(Person 1 ) That George Bush just asked for 2 Trillion dollars! That is almost as much as Japan's GDP!. (Person 2) Don't blame him, we have the money to waste. (Person 1) I thought you were an Independent? (Person 2) I am. I just think George Bush is a God among men! (Person 1) Did your drug dealer have a 2 for 1 sale on Meth??? Could you be anymore of A-Bill O'Reilly?
by the2ndflood February 21, 2008
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1. Poorly constructed breasts implants. 2. Implants that are too large for that persons body type.
Some of these chicks are really messed up. They go from nice little round boobs to Crude Melon's .
by the2ndflood November 14, 2007
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