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The best person alive. Has an amazing personality. Is caring towards everyone, especially the one he loves. Very handsome. Goofy as hell. Is awesome. Awesic. Is loved by all. Loved especially by there special someone. Jarrad is the bomb. He is everything that matters. He is love.
Have you heard that Jamie loves Jarrad?
by puppy kisser October 5, 2010
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the most handsome, loveable sloth in the world who is loved very much by his tangerine... he is the best and i mean the BEST at pokemon and tootle keeping xxx
always be a Jarrad
by tanjydiddledoodles January 4, 2019
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A little fkn twat. Nobody likes him. He short, scronny and a smartass.
Don't be a Jarrad
by HUDDER26 October 4, 2017
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A bitch that wears a lanyard all the time, hes pretty stinky
by UrbanDictionaryUser109 January 18, 2020
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An absolute spaztic. struggles to complete basic tasks without major issues.
often injuring himself or others in the process.
you done Jarrad'd up. I did a Jarrad.
by pertheseius July 19, 2018
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He is a hot mastermind with a high IQ knows how to impress the lady's with his weird character and sense of humour .he will have you in stitched he is handsome in the way he conducts him self kind, generous and humble some days other days he can be a real cocky ass but all the same he's the man.
by Thispagewasmadeforme November 6, 2020
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often described as an unstoppable force with mass penetration. highest penetrative kill rank throughout the globe. child of shaggy and Grinch and the father of Thanos. This force is portrayed as a human figure in the real world. the figure is similar to a Jewish individual.
bullies: *picks on kid*
kid:* swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadeeeeeel*
Jarrad Swadel:* comes out of the ground*
Jarrad Swadel:* eyes turn white*
bullies: * drop to the floor with no genitals*
by wuefguywgfugw March 14, 2019
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