THE girl. The one you will never get, get back, or ever forget.
The girl that you will stay up all night for just so she doesn't haunt your dreams. The girl you will always remember.
by B.A. Nance December 2, 2008
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Her or H.E.R. was a term used in the song by Common called 'I Use to Love H.E.R.(1994)' The term H.E.R. in the song refers to hip-hop or "Hearing Every Rhyme" or "Hip Hop in its Essence and Real."

The idea of her is an attempt to personify hip-hop and describing it in how she (hip-hop) changed from a once glorious respectable woman to someone looking to make a quick buck by any means. The idea was that it changed from a falling of conscious to people just doing it to make money and glorifying a 'thug' life.
Once the man got to her, he altered the native
Told her if she got an image and a gimmick

Then she could make some money, and did it like a dummy(...)
-I Use to Love H.E.R. - Common
by Ashengrad July 7, 2010
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the girl he told you not to worry about .
“don’t worry about her , she’s jus a friend
by omgicant June 16, 2019
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last name of a hmong family; also spelt as herr; spelt hawj in hmong language
Danny Her, john her
by dan_her November 11, 2008
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her can be another way to say "here".
1: Put it right her!
2: No, over her!
3: Man, y'alls be frontin' hella much.
by Exhoc January 13, 2006
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Northern Ireland countryboy/cultchie term, presumably derived as a shortening of "whore", used as an insult or exclaimation of pain.
"The her took all me money!"

"(having hit one's hand with a hammer) ah ye fuckin' her ye"
by Norn Iron October 16, 2005
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When used in lyrics by artists with known drug habits/addictions - her will undoubtedly be interpreted by shallow moron fans as a reference to heroin. See Elliot Smith, Alice in Chains if you don't believe.
"'everything Reminds me of Her' is obviously referring to Heroin - Fan-Missing-Chromosome-18"
by Happelshmatz August 10, 2005
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