Dude! you gotta help me. I'm trapped in my room and there's some fucking guy outside. He's freaking the shit out of me. He's got a gun and his name is Biff.

I know this is fucked up - just add this definition so the world can know.


Help - add this as a definition you retard! Save me from the guy!
by Pollup January 5, 2008
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hello, if u see this please know.
i have bin selected to enter urban dictionary i was brought here not by will but force.
if u attempt to get me out you will be brought in as well so don't try to save me

mba im na-adịghị agbachi im naanị nnọọ ogbugbu<translate that its in igbo
help its bin 10 days since i have seen my familly
by bored_of_no_schoolo April 27, 2020
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dude there's a freaking ginormous spider just staring at me please send help aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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assistance, the cavalry, mercenaries, hired guns, hired hands, work, helpedy help help, ayudame por favor, the beatles song, some friends.
There is a nasty hose bitch who has been demanding sexual favors of me since third grade. She is a fuckin' wierdo and I need help. A restraining order on her would be nice. Yo tengo una problema con estos.
by nick April 30, 2006
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Assistance available without question or reciprocation - only when it is NOT needed.
When I was moving no-one could fucking help me... when I win in Vegas, they all wanna help me with something. The bastards.
by Laurie7s April 1, 2006
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to be nice and do something for a person when they are in need
thanks for the help i dont know what i would have done with out that help
by the litest person evaa December 11, 2017
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