To inflict punishment onto ones self, for acts, either real or percieved, in which verbal abuse is not enough.
I just locked my keys in the car, it is time to naan! <the individual who said this phrase will now launch into some form of self mutilation>
by Ephur August 16, 2007
a type of indian flat bread...most white people have them plain.
Waiter:Would u like any naans?
Cust:aye,can i get a 4 plain the spicy ones like.
by Sexystrokesgirl03 December 8, 2003
Not another. Not a nair nuttin. Out of them.
Ho you dont know naan nigga, that dress fresher than me!
-Trick Daddy, Naan.
by naannaannaan October 29, 2007
A codeword for pussy, closely linked with the good naan bread. is very helpufl when wishing to talk about pussy,poon or girls in regular conversation
Guy 1: MMM man im so keen for some naan tonight

Guy 2: Yeah boi i here its pretty easy to get around here
by Scud19 May 14, 2007
1. She is full blown Naan.(random girl)
2. She is pure Naan. (someone you know)
by Scott Redfern December 1, 2008
A portable self microwaving naan bread for use on the move.

Also can be doubled up to be used as naan flip flops - a warm, soft alternative to footwear.

"I could really do with a swiftly naan right about now"


"That swiftly naan was well tasty!"

"Awww those naans feel so warm on my feet.. sweet"
by Fontwell February 19, 2009
Playfully hitting another with baked Indian bread as a token of affection.

Something lesbians do.
The Toolbook always loves a good Naan Slap!
by SeriousCollector July 24, 2013