Noun: Synonymn for money.
Verb: to give money
Noun: I need help because I am broke!
Verb: I helped the poor.
by Chase November 8, 2003
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something you need when you like a girl to much.
Joe: i really like this girl.
Jimmmy: sucks to be you.
Joe: i need help.
by Mr.clean2201 November 14, 2019
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we know you need it, why do you think i was writing this?
"help im so gay i cant breath" "help me im depressed...dude jerry its not a joke-"
by help_imgay May 24, 2021
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by Josie728 July 20, 2019
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Zach: Hey, I think that's the crackhead who fucked my stereo and stole my wife!

John: Let's go give him some help, heh heh.

Zach: Damn right ! That's exactly what that motherfucker needs.
by Dr. Gonzo March 7, 2004
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Screwing a girl to help her cope with being away from home
Don't tell him that I helped his girlfriend.
by Craig A. Pond January 5, 2005
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help is used when you need someone to do something to help
"help" "lol No"
by helpplshelp July 17, 2022
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