Attractive young women hired to work at an establishment based solely on their sex appeal. Examples of hired guns are pretty girls that work as bartenders in upscale bars, clubs and lounges. Hired guns can also be strippers or sexy young ladies that work in mens clothing stores or waitresses in restaurants. Hired guns are good at getting men to spend absurd amounts of money by simply flirting with them. It can be particularly difficult to pick up a girl that is working as a hired gun because these chicks get hit on by men on a regular basis at their jobs. Also, many hired guns are just doing their job by flirting with men and are not trying to get picked up anyway. Many of these girls may be stuck up from constant sexual advances. Many businesses, like the restaurant Hooters, are based entirely upon the employment of hired guns. As the saying goes, "sex sells".
Me: "I spent $300 at the club last night, at the bar alone, because there was this bad ass light-skin black chick with triple D titties and a fat ass working behind the bar. I though to myself "Oh my god...That's my wife!" So I kept on going going back to the bar to buy drinks from her the whole night. She was all smiling at me alot. After about five Hennessy's and Cokes ,I gushed and whispered in her ear that I thought she was beautiful. Soon enough she told me she had a boyfriend. I'm a fucking dumbass."

Friend: "You gotta have some serious game to pull one of those bitches. She's one of them hired guns. "
by Stay Intoxicated Never Sober December 18, 2008
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A hard rockin' band from campbell river BC that rocks
Hired guns rocks i saw them and my balls exploded on the first song due to rock
by Caflisch22 July 31, 2006
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It’s when a company has to hire a couple pigeons because they can’t get good help
by Workforce November 12, 2019
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Hired Gun is a freelancer, usually a freelance writer.
I'd rather write for myself, but my work as a hired gun pays the rent.
by HoneyB September 3, 2006
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