7 definitions by sodium-chloride

tbh a really fun guy. a delight to talk to, and he never fails to make you smile.
You’re a really good friend, Niklas.”
by sodium-chloride June 20, 2019
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DnA stands for depression and anxiety. The two are commonly found together.
“Hey, how’s Richard doing lately with his parents divorce?”

Oh, you know. Bad case of the DnA.”
by sodium-chloride July 13, 2020
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Do you want to get kicked off of my Christian Minecraft server? Because typing this into the chat will definitely get you that.
XxCancerWolfFurryxX: lolol xd u’re ded

ThiccNibba: hEcc

ThiccNibba has been removed from the server.
by sodium-chloride June 27, 2018
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Me: I’m actually gay for elastigirl tbh
Stranger: *about to rape me in an alleyway*
Me: oh hell no, these titties reserved for Elastigirl my g
by sodium-chloride June 27, 2018
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Our lord and savior. Shronk is forgiveness. He is happiness and sadness. He is the sixth sense. He is the messiah.
Are you ready to pray to shronk?” “Yes, bröther.”
by sodium-chloride September 30, 2018
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