When someone says this a baby dies.
"You know what keven, go hecc a shrek."

Kevin's daughter dies
by Daddy kinky July 8, 2018
Used when something absurd or crazy happens or when something goes wrong in life.
*The condom breaks*

Suzy. “Holy hecc it broke”
John. “What did?”
Suzy. “The condom. It just popped and now your sperm is in me!”
by Lol.twitch.ty/Ninja April 5, 2018
heck, but spelled with two c's because...
actually, i'm not too sure.
I typed "hecc" on my friend's christian minecraft server and now I'm about to be burned at the cross
by Aqxer January 15, 2020
“Hecc” is usually used in dog memes instead of “heck
Dog 1: “look chimken!”
Dog 2: “da hecc is dat”
by Cupid_heartzz October 28, 2021