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Or "àrostos", the combination of the greek words for unknown and aroma meaning the way another person house smells that you are not use too.
EZ: I went to that asian dudes house yesterday and its smelled like curry and other weird shit, i don't know why but it was terrible

Jay: yeah its like Arostos
by King of wub April 14, 2018
When you gather all your followers/friends and tell them all to report an account till it gets ban
Ethan: this cunt in instagram is being an asshole to me, raid his account
Jay: ok ill tell everyone
by King of wub December 3, 2017
A combination of the greek word for disgust and appreciation.

Something disgustingly pleasing or very gross but also give a sense of pride or greatness. -king sneku
Cereal killer: when i see a corpse i totally feel a great sense of "aidimo"
by King of wub March 9, 2018
"Heck and "frick" are both ways for kids to say words very close to "hell" and "fuck" not not quite so they wont get in trouble. "Hecc" on the other hand is making fun of "heck" do to the fact that it has grown cringy because of of the little kids saying it. It is a meme that may of derived from the "no cursing on my Christian server" meme.
Lizzie: my friends phone just broke
Ethan: ah hecc
by King of wub December 3, 2017