4 definitions by mediocrenickname

An acrylic paint marker used my graphic designers, cartoonists, and anyone else looking to add mess-free bold color to their sketches.

They also take a while to activate, so the lighter colors may seem to be deficient for the first five uses.
This Posca marker is very pretty!
by mediocrenickname September 8, 2018
A book containing blank pages, generally carried by an artist or someone trying really hard to be aesthetic.
Person 1: Since when was Amethyst an artist? I saw her carrying a sketchbook earlier.
Person 2: She isn't. She just really wants to be trendy.
by mediocrenickname September 8, 2018
A nickname for Catheryn, Katheryn, Catherine, or Katheryn.
Ryns are generally pretty artsy, and have good taste in clothes and music. However, Ryns have a tendency to cry a lot, over everything, anywhere.
A Ryn's mantra is always "DIY or die".
by mediocrenickname September 16, 2018
A nicer version of the word heck.
Can substitute for:
darn, heck, shoot, and any curse word.
There's a science test tomorrow?! Hecc.
by mediocrenickname September 8, 2018