A doggo that is smol but not smol enough to be a pupper. It is born a smol pupper and later grows up being small itself. It eats smol foods and plays with it’s kind. Smol doggos are sassy and like to stay away from big doggos because they do not like the Bork. The smol doggo lives to 13-15 years but it becomes immortal when it grows a third eye. It’s natural habitat is the common suburban house. The smol doggo has lived through centuries and will live many more.
Person 1: Aww! Cute puppy! What breed is it?
Person 2: Smol doggo, no pupper here.
by GarlicSause January 2, 2018
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1.cute smol puppy everyone loves
2. The Dog meme
3.Cute nickname for your partner and it's freaking adorable
Wow a cute 'smol doggo!!'

You're such a 'smol doggo'. I love you.
by soft child lol February 13, 2018
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