when you forget it's actually called 'deer in headlights' so you say "moose in headlights"
He was like a moose in headlight *note - Carol forgot what it's actually called, so instead she said the wrong term (moose in headlights)*
by Jose Sten April 19, 2017
When Gavin forgets the word for washer fluid
Gavin: "The Headlight Fluid container fell into the car onto his lap"
Gus: "The Headlight Fluid container, really?"
by CURNICNLGEE January 26, 2022
When two grown ass adults refuse to dim their brights as they approach each other.
Karen wrecked her car because she refuses to lose at headlight chicken.
by Beerme78 January 31, 2022
Fuzzy’s Chicken or a similar fun restaurant served with a grizzle effect like sauce.
I’m craving some serious Headlight chicken with that grizzle Hollindaise sauce going — chicka chicka booom boom
by Breaux ditty October 20, 2020
A game played in a vehicle amongst a large amount of people. Whenever your vehicle drives past a vehicle with a headlight or taillight out, everyone hits the roof of the vehicle. Last one to hit the roof removes an article of clothes. First one naked looses.
The last time I played headlights I was the first naked!
by McCormick&Cocanane April 11, 2015