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DRL is an Acronym Define a "Dirty Rotten Liar"....A NO GOOD LYING INDIVIDUAL....Possibly From "Holly Beach Washington" or Similar Places Where Dirty Rotten Liars Hang out and Drink and Tell Lies about One Another..or anybody that they Deem a DRL...Because if they are a DRL defining another DRL then they are Definitely a DRL
You Sold Me this Car and it is Not a Black Jeep Laredo..It is Rusty Brown and Looks Like a VW INTERNATIONAL TRUCK You DRL...and Your MOMMA and DADDY IN LAW ARE DRL's for Leading Me on Like This....Who Ever Built This Car is a DRL because it is not a Car...It is a DRL Mobil...Politicians Can Be DRL's....Your Friend could be a DRL....a Lawyer can be a DRL.....If You are Reading This then YOU COULD BE A DRL
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