To mess up someone's thinking with illogical or distorted arguments, sometimes with a deliberate malicious intent, sometimes just out of misguided ignorance.
by CyberCrone January 31, 2018
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Someone you fancy (or love), who knows you do, and just strings you along and fucks with your head.
Toadie mate, be careful, that girl is a headfuck
by Car-lie October 21, 2007
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A headfuck is a person who spends all hours toying with peoples minds.

This is usually done in practical joke form.
Shit, the police are the door. Oh no, it's just Leon being a headfuck.
by Younghenry May 3, 2005
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when somebody's confused, confuckinfuzzled and is tryin their hardest to think, like when u get a stupid equation that makes no sense in 4th grade at school, the sort that mashes yer brain up so.. its a headfuck
a: " my mum, sed that her mum, didnt like his mum, coz her mum,told mr beaken that his, mum didnt like my mum, coz i told mr beaken that i liked greenhippo's so he told mrs beaken who's her mum....."
b: " wow headfuck!!!slow down blondie, say again"
by Soldja March 9, 2007
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v: When one sticks their head inside a woman's vagina (similar to fistfuck, only with one's head)
"That Liza has such a huge pussy that I could probably headfuck that bitch."
by G Z April 7, 2009
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A difficult or awkward situation with no obvious correct course of action, literally something which fucks with you head.
"I slept with my girlfriend's identical twin sister without realizing and don't know whether to tell her or not, it's a complete headfuck"
by Henners17 May 6, 2008
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A large bowl of mixed alcoholic drinks with a small amount of juice which fucks your head up and makes you do silly things and forget them. Drunk extremely fast with copious amounts of ice cubes & a daft amount of straws. Found in party resorts such as Malia, Crete.
"Did you have a good night?"
"Fuck knows, I can't remember anything after that headfucker we got in the first bar."
"Good times."
by Cazaloompa April 20, 2006
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