An abbreviation or slang used to by many for a way to say "I don't know"
Boy1: Dude, what's the time?
Boy2: Fuck knows
by Dalmas January 3, 2014
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The true usage of the phrase is to claim that you simply 'do not know', however, the phrase is often interpreted as 'Fuck Nose' which may cause offence to the listner. This mis-interpretation is often replied to using 'Cunt Face' which is regarded as the appropriate answer.
"What time is Adam supposed be be here?
"Fuck Knows"
"Only asking...Cunt Face"
by Mystick Havok January 21, 2008
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To exclaim that you don't know when an incident will happen.
Wife: When are you comming home?
Husband: Well I've got all this paperwork to do. I won't be back till fuck knows when.

Neighbour: Oh, you're looking for Steve? He's gone on holiday, won't be back until fuck knows when.
by Tom_NZ May 1, 2007
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Someone whose father is an intellectual and their mother is a prostitute or simply stated; it's what you get when you cross a whore and a computer!
Fucking know-it-all: Anyone who forcibly interrupts, believes what they have to say is more important, makes more sense and is adamant more truthful than what is being presently stated by another person or persons!
by Waldo Pepper III August 3, 2019
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An angry expression of ignorance generally used in response to a specific inquiry.
- How do you think the cat got up there?
- I don't fucking know!
by FuckIfIKnow November 26, 2013
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An unknown time of day. Can be past, present or future.
Hey Jack when are we leaving?

"At approximately ...fuck knows o' clock. Tomorrow."

What time is it?
"Fuck knows o' clock. Get a watch."

When did you fall asleep?
"Um, at fuck knows o' clock. I don't know!"
by HyperLynx September 23, 2016
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so I am all out of words and so little fucking ideas tighten my mind desperately
Kidnapper ask for candy: I don't fucking know why I writing this shit no more,, take candy
by bitchdipshit February 20, 2021
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