An island to the south of mainland Greece that's full of superlatives: beautiful women; interesting costumes; one of the few areas of Greece where the dialects have "ch" and "sh" sounds,unlike pure Greek; and last but not least, very busy-for-the-feet folk dances like Pentozali and Maleviziotikos. Crete is the home of the unusual Minoan civilization, with its red building columns and frequent depictiona of minotaurs and dolphins.
I'm trying to learn the steps to this pentozali from Crete.
by pentozali January 28, 2009
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Used to describe something that is hot or high in temperature
Man, it’s mad crete in here
by LionToT December 12, 2019
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1. to poop on, shit on, or fart on
2. to smell absolutely rancid
1. I'm going to crete on the mass-deck.

2. That smells like absolute crete.
by poop December 14, 2003
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best damn island on earth
I got laid in Hania, Crete this summer
by Greg August 23, 2003
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The greek island (biggest) where the Minoan civilisation took place. Also the place where Zorba the Greek lived.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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adjective. used to describe something related to use of concrete (crete) in form. Also used to described something arising from it's conception/upbringing on concrete.

crete music (street/urban music)
Where's your crete? (Where do you live?)
I listen to crete music to relax.
My crete is Pennsylvania.
by duces tecum November 24, 2005
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a small town where everyone marries their cuzzin and goes to co op parties
linda : you goin to the potluck in La Crete

henry : yeah we finna fuck 🤪
by #loveyourcuzzins July 30, 2019
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