The feeling of the world swimming before you, usually after consuming large amounts of alcohol.
Dude, I have such a headfuck from last night!
by trace45 16 April 28, 2009
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V. When a male sits on the females shoulders and thrusts the erect penis very hard against the back of the females head and also when the male slides the erect penis all over the top of the girls head.
"He sat on her shoulders, and got to Headfuck her with his erect penis against the back of her head very hard and fast till he came all over the top of her head."
by Headfucker July 10, 2009
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The traditional post birth examination of the vaginal passage and uteral regions to ensure effective removal of the plecenta.
"after the birth of my 14th child, the head fuck became standard procedure"
by Ugg May 03, 2003
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To go over extensively in the mind; to ponder; to mull
"I've just been sitting at home head fucking the fight I had with Jimmy."

"You guys are head fucking this thing. Let's just learn the facts and move on."
by HBusiness April 04, 2010
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A person who is dumb, not cool, fat, gay, bi sexual, sketch asexual, Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, Knickelback, Thomas Swartz, Every Member of Hinder and Buckcherry, Ben Rothlesberger, Etc.. Etc..
If you're in traffic yell out your window "Move it HEADFUCK!!!" with a slightly German accent people will most likely move or try to fight you. Or you could be just walking down the road and scream "HEADFUCK HEADFUCK HEADFUCK" and people will believe you have tourettes.
by 330ch16 November 30, 2009
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