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an old person. Derives from "Oldie Hawn," a play off of the name of the actress Goldie Hawn.
"There are so many hawns here in Las Vegas!"
by Bozzler May 04, 2007
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Acronym for "Have A wonderful Night".

Mainly used in text messages en social media to bring some joy and happiness in someone's life.

HAWN is used in the evening = Have a wonderful night

HAWD is used in the morning = Have a wonderful day

used in a friendly way, can be used for friends,family and lovers <3
In a text message: Hi shorty i'm of to bed, i'm really tiered. I had so much fun tonight. C ya tomorrow. #HAWN

Social media: I slept like a rose last night. Hmmm I love good times and lovely weekends. love you all! greetings sanoj #HAWD

social media: happy b-day bro! #HAWD & #HAWN
by sanoj May 21, 2012
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