an old person. Derives from "Oldie Hawn," a play off of the name of the actress Goldie Hawn.
"There are so many hawns here in Las Vegas!"
by Bozzler May 4, 2007
Hawning is a Hair Awning. It's like a comb-over, except it stems from a receding hairline. The hair at the hairline is grown long and then combed forward causing an awning effect.
Dude, check out John's hawning. It's so far off of his forehead.
by HC4M February 17, 2009
Acronym for "Have A wonderful Night".

Mainly used in text messages en social media to bring some joy and happiness in someone's life.

HAWN is used in the evening = Have a wonderful night

HAWD is used in the morning = Have a wonderful day

used in a friendly way, can be used for friends,family and lovers <3
In a text message: Hi shorty i'm of to bed, i'm really tiered. I had so much fun tonight. C ya tomorrow. #HAWN

Social media: I slept like a rose last night. Hmmm I love good times and lovely weekends. love you all! greetings sanoj #HAWD

social media: happy b-day bro! #HAWD & #HAWN
by sanoj May 21, 2012
Derogatory term for old women. Pun on actress Goldie Hawn's name. Popularized by Simpson's character Comic Book Store Guy.
Agnes Skinner (cutting in front): Out of my way tubby!

Comic Book Store Guy: Oh PARDON me OLDIE hawn!
by Eddy June 21, 2007
when you get terminal headaches due to thinking too hard about hot things.
you have hawn syndrom
by akuwfiksz June 13, 2008
Cameron, the biggest douche bag in the world. He is gay and takes in the ass, eye, mouth, ear, nostril, and between the fat rolls. He likes to do his siblings and will never have a girlfriends. He will only have flings with his dog Roxanne. And masterbates a lot. He weighs over three hundred pounds. He is grotesque. Can be shortened up to gay fag
Dude, look at that kid he is such a Cameron Hawn.
by Angelica April 15, 2005
Derived from the actress Goldie Hawn, Oldie Hawn is a term for an elderly woman.
"Make the right dude, the light is green."
"Well I would, but I'm waiting for Oldie Hawn over here to cross the street."
by Hilton S. August 30, 2007