John is a fag since he ride's a harley davidson

Billy is a gay fag since he's gay and rides a harley davidson
by imakehersayoh November 8, 2009
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To have a happy cigarette.
Hey do you have a happy cigarette?
Yes, I do have a gay fag!
by PeterInBoulder October 24, 2005
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a queer so flamboyant as to be extra gay.
Your dad is a gay fag, hence the fact that you are half gay.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
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(n) 1. a happy homosexual
2. a cigarette that prefers its butt to be sucked by a male
Despite his worries about being called redundant, the gay fag smiled as he smoked one of his gay fags.
by BeardedFatass October 2, 2004
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someone who is at the most extreme level of being gay
sr: man that MATTCHEW kid is one gay fag
dd: MATTCHEW....MATTJEW ...fuckin cap
by analinvader April 25, 2007
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guy: Dude, that guy off Nip Tuck turned into a gay fag, didn't he.
girl: He was turning into a tree, so technically, yes.
guy: Lucky..
girl: I think it's time we see other people
by The Game, you lost it. March 28, 2009
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a gay fag is when some is so gay thier straight

calling someone queer a gayfag means your calling them
stright because they are already gay and you have called
them fag hence gay fag
omfg nick your a gay fag
you fucking flamming homosexual
by christina-kristy February 17, 2008
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