n., a rearrangement of surrounding hair to cover a bald spot as completely as possible. Usually accomplished by flattening strands of hair in widely-spaced parallel stripes across the afflicted region. Rarely successful, often calls attention to the follically-challenged zone in question.
John painstakingly arranged the twenty-four remaining hairs (down two from yesterday!) flat across his the center of his balding pate. He separated the strands for maximum coverage, then secured and shined them with a dab of Vitalis conditioner.
by Ari Stern December 20, 2003
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n. A method of attempting to hide baldness by using the remaining hairs on one side of the head to comb over and cover the top of the head.
adj. An insult to one's intelligence
In anticipation for his blind date this evening, Bob creates a comb-over with his thinning hair in hopes that his companion will be oblivious to his male pattern baldness.
by Super Gerbil July 11, 2004
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n. the covering of a balding area of the head with whatever hair is left, usually resulting in a highly unflattering hairdo and/or drawing direct attention to the balding spot itself. The suspect in question is usually a man of middling age who believes he is guarding a sacred secret.
Even Donald Trump sports the comb-over, the ugliest of hairdos, taking hair from any part of the head and using it to flap over the offending bald spot.
by Maryann P. July 15, 2006
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1. combing your last locks of hair over your bald spot so that people can('t) tell that you are bald(ing)

2. a thorough looking-over (from the fine-tooth comb expression)
That guy should just shave his head bald and stop using that obvious comb-over.
Give it one last comb-over before you throw it out.
by suburbanite December 20, 2003
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Hairstyle sported by men who refuse to grow bald gracefully. Any remaining hair at the side of the head (sometimes also ear hair) is grown long and combed over the top of the head (see also egg in a nest).
Comb-overs are ill advised in strong winds and any situation in which you would like to be taken seriously.
Look at that slaphead with the comb-over!
by menfromearth December 25, 2003
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What middle-aged men that are going bald do to "camoflauge" their big gaping bald spot. Not very sucsessful
Why do people think comb-overs make them look less bald?
by Liz December 25, 2003
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a hairstyle for men with male pattern baldness where a "cul-de-sac" of hair is grown and one side is grown disproportionately long and then combed over as if to "hide" the bald spot.
i hope it doesn't get too windy cause that dude has a mean comb-over.
by urban linguist December 23, 2003
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