to engage in percussive diplomacy; to strike or pummel, especially over hearsay; to initiate a physical debate
There is many a man that never ate solid food after John Wayne went to have words with them.
by Ironhide August 25, 2013
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The gangster/mafia way of saying the subject is going to beaten severely; often into a bloody pulp.
Her: "My boss felt me up while I was bent over"
Him: "Me and the boys are going to take him into the woods, and have a word"
by KoalaK December 8, 2015
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When one is sent into the corner of a room, to speak quietly and coherently to oneself, with focus on remedial action on previous actions that initiated the demand from friend to go and "Have a word with yourself" (V)do the obvious
Shall we spit roast your bird tonight?
"Think you need to go and have a word with yourself"
by Wilson September 29, 2004
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A phrase that originally started from popular website "WordswithMeaning!" which implies the person believes the thing said is meaningful in some way.
Tinfoil hat man 1: Bro, I reckon the economic crisis is some bullshit that the government made up to put the prices up

Stupid friend: Yeah man, These Words have meaning!
by 8008sarenice November 7, 2011
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