assumptions & speculation revolved around anything or anyone; can be true or false
GUY1: i heard that kid over there eats his own feces for breakfast, true story.
GUY2: dude, that's most definitely hearsay...goof.

GUY1: honda is going to take a shot at the fast food industry, they're gonna push mcdonalds off the radar.
GUY2: where do you get your info from idiot fuck? stop falling for hearsay.
by keyboarda May 14, 2009
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A nickname for California due to the vast numbers of people convicted and imprisoned without any evidence whatsoever.
We gotta get outta here, my man, we are being released from prison in The Hearsay State!
by Dr Bunnygirl January 18, 2020
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If your lawyer isn't filing any of these, then he ain't fo' you.
Judge: So what exactly is wrong with your lawyer?
Defendant: Your Honor, he ain't filin' any motions.
Judge: What kind of motions should he be filing?
Defendant: I don't know...801 hearsay motions!
by kcblake August 31, 2011
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Indication that someone is rumoured to be homosexual.
- I heard that Walt Disney is gay !

- Yep, dunno.. but definitely he is a hearsay gay !
by Sir "Smokealot Finn" Robin January 07, 2011
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An inadmissible statement in court whereby da witness claims to have heard someone else make religiously-scandalous statements.
I would rather get someone's unconventional theological opinions "right from the horse's mouth"; otherwise it's just heresy hearsay.
by QuacksO November 12, 2019
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