Hate is when you've wanted to go to Disney World all your life, and you love everything Disney with a passion, but you're willing to give it ALL up for eternity, just to see someone (or a few people) dead.
Satan: I felt your level of hate calling me to this mortal plane; I will violently claim the souls of the bastards who crossed you, but in return, you can never, ever go to Disney World, in this life or the next.

You: Where do I sign?
by VictoriaMoss July 09, 2011
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The strongest feeling that you can have towards someone or something, Next to love. An undying fire of rage in the pit of your stomach. 😀
1. I absolutely HATE that butthole!

2. Go to hell. I hate you!
3. Ugh i hate the new school uniform!
by TheQueen111 May 23, 2016
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Word inserted when the person speaking does not have an adequate understanding of the subject matter and is too lazy or unable to come up with a sincere, logical argument for their beliefs.
Person A: Religion is hate.
Person B: What do you mean?
Person A: Can't you see? It's so hatful! I hate religion and their beliefs.
Person B: Maybe you can show me the teaching of the religion, so I can agree or disagree with you?
Person A: It's common knowledge.
Person B: I guess I just have to believe your in-depth assessment.
by realdudemanbro February 17, 2014
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1. the most extreme case of dislike, often incorrectly associated with anger
2. the only true common thread among humankind

Despite what the delusional and naive will insist, hatred will never end, barring genetic manipulation, a Huxlian government-enforced drug addiction, or some sort of highly-ironic pogrom. Far more efficient to just let people hate what they will, and incarcerate/kill those who act on their desires.
I hate people who refuse to acknowledge hatred's normalcy. Like hippies.
by misanthrope August 24, 2004
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Hate.. a noun used to describe a permanent anger for someone.. or something.. it never goes away.. when you see the thing you hate anger burns in you..
fear leads to anger.. anger leads to hate.. and hate.. leads to the darkside..
by Nemesis1337 March 02, 2006
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hate is the way you feel about someone if you dislike them so much that if they were on fire you would laugh at them and do nothing about it.
omg i hate that teacher so much!!!
by Josh Boyd November 01, 2006
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To describe something as good or great; similar to dirty or filthy. can be used as hateful, or shit's hate.
"you see lebron's dunk last night?"
"yeah, that was hate(hateful)"

"you see his new car?"
"yeah man, shit's hate"
by durtie zak September 26, 2009
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