The true motivator of society. Also refers to a very strong feeling of animosity and resentment, often times leading to violence and atrocities.
Hitler encouraged his people to hate the Jews. He is often times regarded as a symbol of evil, even the Anti-Christ. But as for Germany, there was never EVER a time in its history when it was more united and PERFECT.

If Judea had hated the Romans badly enough, the land would have been freed and an autonomous state. But Jesus preached "love". The result: Judea (Israel) remained stuck in an empire for hundreds of years and now everybody and their grandmother believes in some hippie-looking mofo to be saved.

Billy hated Bob very much. His hatred motivated him to hack into Bob's computer, earn a higher position, and steal his online girlfriend. Bob committed suicide. Billy wins.

Muslim terrorists hate Americans. They have won cultural unity and are kicking American ass in Iraq. Go figure, huh?

Scrooge hates Christmas. Now he's saved up enough money to buy all the love, sex, and relationships he wants. Scrooge is the fucking man.

I refuse to be racist. I am above that. I hate everybody equally.
by BigBrotherMike December 11, 2006
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an emotion of extreme antipathy most often shared between race, ethnic group, nation, team, etc.
Repulbican: God we hate those fucking French, they won't help us in the damn war!
Frenchman: Eat caviar-cum, bitch
by Steagles February 16, 2006
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personally, i dont think that you should ever hate someone. you may have an EXTREME dislike for someone, but you should NEVER hate them. some people who read this might say, bullshit i effing hate _____ and i know how you feel... cause i've probably used the word hate over a million times in my life already, and i've said the same thing as you. but the truth is, i never REALLY hated that person, i just said i did, because at the time i wanted to rip that persons head off, but now that i really think about it, i could never really hate anyone. hating is just as strong as the word love, but instead of bringing people together, it tears them apart. i look at it like this, hate is just a feeling, its nothing more, its not like things get better when you hate someone, or someone hates you, it's not like it brings people together, or makes you or anyone else happy. I guess, all im trying to say, is that before i realized all of that, i never really understood how much of a difference i'd make in my life (and other peoples) if instead of hating someone, or saying i hated someone, that by simply smiling at a person, or doing something nice for them, that i could really make a difference in their life. think about how much happier you'd be, and what it would not only do for you... but for other people. by simply saying you hate someone, or calling them a mean name, or treating them badly... im sorry to say this, and i only am saying it from personal events in my life, but you may be the cause of a suicide. Im not trying to scare any of you, but this actually happened to my best friend Marie, she was so happy, she had an awesome life, everyone liked her... i never realized how sensitive she was, some guy called her a hoe, or a bitch or something, and the next day, i went to school, and our counselors had told us that marie had killed herself the night before. i never got to say goodbye to my best friend, and because of one mean comment, one wrong thing said, i not only lost my best friend, but my life will never be the same again. please, if you are reading this, dont lose a best friend, or be the cause of someones death. dont hate. love.
i loved marie, she was my best friend, and all because of hate i will never see her again.
by Maries best friend December 06, 2006
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1. (noun) Intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

2. (verb) To feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
1. Hate is a bad thing.

2. I hate you!
by lovepeace February 08, 2012
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The process leading up to and at the point where a person can state about another person or group of people... "I don't care about anything that you love" yet continue thinking of them. Or an activity that persists in which a person is being irritated intentionally or intentionally hurt leading to a person to proclaim "I hate you" or the activity they are doing. Hate is equated with being the opposite of love, yet is an opposing of what another person loves or needs.
This is another terrible definition by Pro Thius... don't you hate it?
by BubbleBunch May 21, 2017
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Something which motivates someone to do much greater things than love ever could.
Love makes people dependant and ignorant. Hatred makes people focused(revenge) and find strength(fury)
by Dr Doom January 08, 2005
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