1, Harlan, a creature said to be extinct- with the ability of clapping extremely loudly- is said to be the one of the most attractive beings who ever lived. Thus a term for "ladies man" for his abilities to make the object of his desire, at present time, to feel uncontrollably amazed, baffled and dazed.

2, A Harlan is said to have the capability of answering every question correctly and are said to know, and understand, the meaning of life. In fact many known associates of a Harlan believe he is the meaning of life in itself. A Harlan is known for their talent of musical instruments.

Harlans are said to be capable of inhabiting hearts of unsuspecting women in short periods of time, such as the legend of Raffy, a woman whose heart melted at the immensity of Harlan himself.

3, Harlan, a being known to avoid cocky hair styles of a pyramid fashion, and have gratuitous amounts of muscles and wisdom, therefore do not require tight shirts to show this feature off.
Harlan was able to conquer Raffy's heart in only four hours

that guy over there is a Harlan, he is buff, intelligent, amazing and drives the best car around town.

All you need is Harlan
by Winner-of-life October 12, 2009
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Harlans are usually short but pretty cool. They like playing video games and are pretty good at them. They also need to suck the souls out of babies 1-2 months old to stay immortal
Person 1: Hey is that a Harlan
Person 2: Hurry before he steals our baby’s soul
by Smallboi April 19, 2020
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A Flippin Awesome Dude that kicks ass and sleeps with lots of women at once but remains STD Free
-Man that guy has aids

-No he doesn't he is a Harlan

-oh ok, man he is a lucky guy
by DJvRadio June 28, 2009
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Harley. a man whore who says he likes you one or if lucky 2 weeks then drops you like if your nothing, then 2-5 days later will date another girl and if karma really hates you then it’ll be your cousin or bsf! oh but he is actually a sweet and nice boyfriend when you guys are dating.
Karla: “harlan dumped me” Anna: “he just texted me saying he likes me and we started dating?”
by redbull666 November 27, 2018
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Gay ass little town in in Iowa in the middle of nowhere full of hicks, preps, more hicks, rednecks....yes i realize they are the same thing!!!
"Where do you live?"

"In Harlan."

"Oh that redneck town in the middle of nowhere?"
by 1bignig790 March 3, 2009
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That dumb ass kid in your class that has fucking dumbo ears
Yo you know Harlan, my bad I mean Ratatouille
by Jerkcerk February 15, 2020
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