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A real man. He is great-looking, somewhat athletic and very intelligent. He loves life and gets involved in as much as he can at one time. However size is not one of his preoccupations as he has nothing that need be compensated for.
That guy must be named Ellison! He seems just about perfect.
by Elektyr August 04, 2012
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1. a person regularly coerced into coaching youth sports.
2. individual of high intelligence that strives to slightly under achieve because over achieving would be too easy.

1. being dominant
2. having an unrivaled grasp of common sense
If we can't find someone to coach these kids, we'll just have to find an Ellison.
That looked remarkably easy; I bet he's an Ellison.

The world would be much better if Ellison decisions were more common.
by Cocky McSmarterthanyou April 28, 2010
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A tiny asian who cant drink like a man. When he goes out he drinks two beer before he pukes and someone has to take him home, or to the kennel for hairless rodents. He is most likely adopted for science experiments, but some Ellisons manage to escape. The name Elli-son means in most languages "A little girl".
Hey, theres a guy puking in the ladiesroom! Omg, has another Ellison escaped?!

"Are you totally Ellison or what?!" When someone wants to go home early, dont come out untill late or refuses to drink hard liquor.
by Rupert McDuck April 05, 2010
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