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Hasselbeck is a profane hip hop/dance song about "The View"s Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It is written and performed by Elephant, a Los Angeles-based band consisting solely of twin brothers Jackson Vrana and Coleman Vrana.

The song is very anti-Elisabeth, jabbing at not only her political views, but declaring her to be hypocritical, ignorant, and boastful of a life the musicians find to be far from resembling reality.
Elephant ended their show last night in Hollywood with Hasselbeck; it was funny as hell.
by wehobrandon August 20, 2009
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Anything that is beffiting the traditional sense of masculinty, toughness, or persistance.

From the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Especially his repersentation in the Playstation 2 game NFL Street where his ability to establish physical dominance is unmatched.

Also spelled hasselback
After being pinned by a boulder he cut his arm off with a dull pocket knife. That is extremely hasselbeck.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
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Any act of masculinity that would leave men of ordinary testicular size quivering in fear like a little Chambers.
Dude, you chopped down that tree with your penis, that is quite Hasselbeck.
by Matt May 14, 2004
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Any act of masculinity that is just below a Arnold.
There is no way you can do 500 chicks at the same time, be a hasselbeck and only do like 300.
by Gus June 02, 2004
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