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grosssssss did u see that thing?! wat an amphibian
by Gus July 9, 2003
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Word used by upper-class twats when asking to borrow a device with which to restore power to a mobile phone.
"May ay hev a lend of your chargar?"
by Gus December 14, 2003
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Grade used for denoting marginal acceptability.
She gave me dome for almost an hour. I fell asleep twice, but at least she got the job done. I told her she got an F+.
by Gus March 17, 2005
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place kicker is a sex position, it is where the girl has one leg up and one foot on the floor, she is in the place kicking position while she is being penetrated from behind.
I pulled the place kicker on Kristina last night, it was nice.
by Gus January 22, 2004
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Borange head! Used as insult; Dick head, ass head, knob head.
Well ill be! If that horse isnt the most Borange horse ive ever seen. It could'nt hold up a hard on to save itself! Borange horse, horse is no good, lame, garbage.
Jesus! Chech out that ugly bitch with the borange ass!
Its not just the ass thats Borange, the face is a damn disgrace!(followed by laughter)
by Gus January 20, 2005
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gus is the most coolest kid ur ever met even if he does eat alot of food and gets all the girls to say awwwi love u gus ur so huggable
Gus i love u "hugs" ur hugs are the best
by Gus December 19, 2004
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Any act of masculinity that is just below a Arnold.
There is no way you can do 500 chicks at the same time, be a hasselbeck and only do like 300.
by Gus June 2, 2004
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