A politician who is motivated only by political self gain and does nothing to benefit their own constituency.
The Republicant is elected by poor white trash but only works to secure rights for the wealthiest Americans.
by fotographie January 3, 2013
A republican with in denial about the need for reforms in health care, infrastructure renewal, educational overhaul and other important challenges expressed by saying NO, to every potential solution.
Look at the republicants making up bumper sticker slogans, drinking tea and chanting NO driving off that collapsed bridge!
by J inspired by K February 7, 2011
The actual pronunciation of the coined term Republican. The CANT expresses a habitual loss of progressive acceptance and consideration. A republiCANT can't understand that the world is changing and what was cool in the 20's, just isn't that cool anymore.
That guy can't understand new ideas.

He's definitely a republiCANT!
by Bboxed June 17, 2014
re·pub·li·cant /rɪˈpʌblɪkant/ Pronunciationri-puhb-li-kaant
1. of, pertaining to, or of the nature of an organization of liars.
2. favoring control of the masses at any cost up to but not past destroying all non-republicants as long as there are enough slaves to do the grunt work.
3. Raping the natural and arificial resources of the known galaxy for their own means and ends, regardless of cost in human lives...as long as they are brown skinned and not wealthy.
4. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the Republican party.
–noun 5. a person who favors a fascist form of government.
6. (initial capital letter) a member of the Republican party.
7. a clone like being who does exactly as the message dictates, even to the exclusion of reality and rationale.
8. an abhorent group of undereducated ignorant bigotted fanatical throwbacks with power and money, who insist that while in power they do everything possible to bring about the destruction of the world to suit their own twisted view of their religious belief in what they refer to as "The End Times."
1. The guy was a total Republicant. He was even talking about global warming like it was a myth!

1. It is a Republicant conspiracy to make us believe that there is no conspiracy.

3. Man that is such Republicant Bullshit! Can you believe McSame just tried to blame the economy on the DEMS????

"No choice O. We got six skin jobs out of the Alaska Corporation. I need ya on this one. Take a Voight Kampf machine over to KBR Corporation. They got a Republicant over there that actually thinks Caraboo Barbie might actually make a decent Vice President."
by THE DAVAD September 23, 2008
Formerly known as Republicans, the Republicants are a political party that embodies no-ness and all forms of negativity. It is the Republicant believe that nothing should ever be done by government because the wealthy, as the most educated class, and the corporations they control, knows what's best for the rest of society. Recent scientific analysis of their speech patterns reveal overuse of words such as No, Can't, Socialism, Betcha, You lie, various racial epithets, and so forth.
If we Republicants unite, we just might get rid of Medicare! Our senior citizens should have the FREEDOM to take care of themselves! Hunting for food when you're 90 and living in a cave is what being American is all about!
by shgr April 16, 2010
All these republicans are blaming every problem on everyone but themselves. Its just because they can't do what they say they can and will do so they blame their problems on someone else. They are not rebubliCANS they are republiCANTS!
Republicant: "I have so many problems that other people can't solve for me"
Person: "Solve it yourself you REPUBLICANT!!"
by OKURNESSEABJ January 24, 2019
The true word for a republican, unbeknownst to most of us. Ol' dubya will vouch for this.
Where are the weapons of mass destruction besides Idaho and North Korea? Those republicants have done it again!
by Billy Bob Thornton July 11, 2004