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Place owned by Elisabeth Hasselbeck et al and mostly resided by republicans who feel that people of their ilk need to scream, screech, cry and belittle others that have differing ideas..

People who live in Loserville Usa also think anyone who doesn't share their political views are socialists, have mental illness, and want big government. Only people in loserville believe in the constituition, the bible, are real americans and want all babies born without medical.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the resident stepford wife of Loserville USA where Rush Limpblaugh and Rupert Murdoch are the only fair and balanced media moguls.
by auntie lizzie April 12, 2010
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The crazy reality ex survivor who believes life starts at the time of penetration, and that there were weapons of mass destruction even after President Bush stated they didn't find any. Elisabeth hasselbeck the ABC blond bimbo for the republicant's went on tour with Sarah Palin when she was running for vice president and instead of making it about politics, made it about fashion.
Elisabeth hasselbeck the crazy bimbo who never voted prior to her job on the view now thinks she knows everything there is to know about politics, oh yeah because she watches fox news!!!!! Innit.
by auntie lizzie April 11, 2010
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