A grammatical error uttered forth by furry mammals and/or complete retards.
I has a bucket!
Can it has be hugs time now please?
by Harryw00t April 29, 2008
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A word generally replacing and tense of have (have, had, has). It can as well be used before any verb or auxiliary verb. It may also be spelled as "haz."
I has a blanket.

I has a Halo collector's helmet, but my roomate stole it.

He has a blanket.

I has can do it!

I has jumped over the blanket.
by Sen4lifE January 24, 2010
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a shorter way of saying you are "HYPE AS SHIT"
joe: you ready for the show tonight?
jane: dude, im has !! cant wait
by meowladymeow October 16, 2011
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Plural of "ha". Shorthand for "ha ha", "haha", "hahaha", etc.
Over texting/instant messaging-
Person 1: Has, that was a really funny joke.
Person 2: Has?
Person 1: Many has. I mean, you don't say "rabbitrabbit" for two rabbits.
by willbchou November 16, 2011
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an expression commonly used by drama students. this expression is commonly used in shakespeare acting for scenes. this is only used in comedic scenes because in a dramatic scene you would look dumb.

origin, somewhere in the palisadian area of Los Angeles, believed to be used in shakespeare festival scene

used by 4 HA's created by the stomach with emphasis on the last HA
Beatrice: Oh senor Benedick! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper.

(she exits)
Benedick: Ha Ha Ha HA! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper. i think she believes im sexy. mhmmmm thats how i roll.
by theanswerman147 October 13, 2011
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that guy just magurted too much beer and fell over with a dopey grin on his face. it was pretty ha ha.
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
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