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an expression commonly used by drama students. this expression is commonly used in shakespeare acting for scenes. this is only used in comedic scenes because in a dramatic scene you would look dumb.

origin, somewhere in the palisadian area of Los Angeles, believed to be used in shakespeare festival scene

used by 4 HA's created by the stomach with emphasis on the last HA
Beatrice: Oh senor Benedick! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper.

(she exits)
Benedick: Ha Ha Ha HA! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper. i think she believes im sexy. mhmmmm thats how i roll.
by theanswerman147 October 12, 2011

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an award given to the person best at derping in every way. derp faces, derp songs, derping pictures, just a plain old derptastic person. similar to homecoming king, king of derp receives a staff with a derp face carved on the end, and a crown that says DERP. the award came about in spring of 2011 and is currently held by a high school sophmore in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, CA, named Michael. nominees will be picked in january, and voting in the palisades will take place on April 29th, 2012, against any nominees, and michael for re-election.
"Hey have you heard of that michael guy?"
"Oh yeah the current king of derp!"
"yeah thats him"
"what a derptastic person
by theanswerman147 October 17, 2011

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an italian plague that requires a strand of hair from the source of the plague to make one dose of the vaccine. otherwise this is a deadly plague. the plague thinks its a shrub so be careful. its very deceiving. it can be found in very dirty places. symptoms include hair turning dark brown, loss in height, poor eyesight, hysteria, hallucinations, thinking you are a shrub, a weird obsession with drama and men named michael, diarrhea, and some weird issue with computers turning off at 10 o'clock. if you get "erica" see a doctor I REPEAT, see a doctor. if you dont seek medical help immediately, u will die. assassins will come and kill you.
Guy 1: Hey man i think i got a case of the erica...
Guy 2: I think your right your a girl now
(gets sniped in the head by an assassin)
by theanswerman147 October 09, 2011

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