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(verb) To constantly ask for favors of others without ever returning a favor. The favors start small, but blossom into large favors. Before you know it, you are the person's personal chauffer and paying their bills. Deception is often used to manipulate one into doing favors. One may also ask for pity to hartle you.
She asked him for a ride to work, a small loan for her phone bill, and gas money...before long, he realized he was being hartled.
by ChrisoSlick December 14, 2015
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a name with chinese / turkish heritage; a Hartles can be seen as a vast encyclopedia of completely irrelevent and useless "facts" that will often be provided in times of mass confusion.
"A Hartles would have been more useful than that bloody lecturer!"

Guy 1: "It's weird how the snow doesn't melt on our street till much later than it does on other streets"

Guy 2: "Well that's because the sun doesn't shine on our street"

Guy 1 & 3: "What? Oh here we go General Knowledge; Hartles extreme!"

Guy 1: "Ah the soddin freeview box isn't workin"

Guy 2: "I know, I'll go pull on that wire outside see if that works..."

Guy 1: "Classic Hartles....."

(listening to Rihanna's "Disturbia" song)

"MAAATTEEE this song sounds just like Disturbia"

"That's probably because it is Disturbia mate.......What a Hartles"
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A babe of a girl that you eye-up with your mates as she walks past. The type of girl that you're scared to ask for their number.
''Whoah she's fit, go get her number''
''Nah man, she's too hartle''
by bhummting July 10, 2008
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buy the domain for your art blog
I asked my Dad for some money but I didn't get shit because he is very hartle.
by chillin June 14, 2004
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