a type of stroke in swimming where girls open their legs wide and guys swim behind them pretending not to look
breaststroke is my favorite stroke because i swim behind laura
by mlett June 24, 2013
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An extremely difficult stroke to swim, involving a frog-kick and a complicated arm motion. Breaststrokers are lean and tall, with strong thighs and core. Swimmers who are not breaststrokers tend to admire breaststrokers for being able to do such a difficult stroke. Breaststrokers get props for doing 200 breaststroke, which is regarded as one of the most difficult events in swimming.

Breaststrokers are said to be good in bed because of their strong legs and tight body. Science has not proven it (yet), but breaststrokers are rumored to have the biggest boobs (female) or package (male).
Breaststroke was the first stroke ever swum in competition, in England in the early 1500s. It is the third stroke in the individual medley.
"Are you a breaststroker?"
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"You're hot as fuck!"
by alwaysclassy December 30, 2011
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People who get erotic and sexual arousal from swimming and all things to do with swimming pools, including swimming pool showers and changing rooms and other swimmers. These people may also have the same arousal from swimming at the beach.

A breaststroker may even uses such environments to cruise people for sexual encounters, when these people are doing this whilst swimming they are 'dog paddling'.

The term comes from the sexual connotations that arise from the swimming term 'breast stroke', stroke also being an obvious euphemism for masturbation.
swimming turns me on, i'm a breastroker, and damn proud of it.

look at that guy in the pool, checking out those other swimmers goods, he ain't doing laps he's dog paddling for some action, he's a breaststroker.
by turnedonby swimming July 25, 2011
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