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Blocked on the Chinese Internet.

In Chinese "被和谐" (hexie), "harmonized" means that you can not access anymore to a website from inside the Great Firewall of China.

The world has been coined as a joke by Chinese netizens from listening everyday the Parti's discourse about "harmony" and "building an harmonious society".
"Can you check what this word means on Urban Dictionary?
- No way. It has been harmonized last week...
- Wow! So i'll ask to this old pale of mine on Facebook.
- Nope, won't work neither.
- Mmm. Let's post the question on Twitter ?
- "Page not found" 404 error
- Youtube then?
- Ahem.
- Ok. So i'll just turn on my VPN to get rid of this Great Firewall."
by clemsos January 17, 2013
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