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some stupid yet miserable guy who was seduced by bank promotions and finally got sunk into huge credit card debts, usually a post-80s urban salaryman or salarywoman deluded by middle-class dreams.
"...our thrival depends on our capablity and efficiency in developing a card holder into a card slave, or more formally, our life long loyal client..."
by kyrin February 14, 2008
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The next nigga on the block. no one wants to mess with him. He owns the block no cap. he'll fuck you up.
Hey, weres Kyrin? - I don't know, I don't want to know hell beet ur ass.
by kyrin May 14, 2021
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Kyrin Barajas is the ugliest person you will ever meet. He can't hold a girlfriend for more than 2 weeks, He only talks about football. No one likes him, he's very annoying. He only has friends because people feel bad. The only thing Kyrin Barajas does is talk about football and goes to the gym often. He has decent grades, and he can be nice to you, just dont make him mad. Everyone thinks he's gay.
Kyrin Barajas is annyoing
by kyrin December 17, 2021
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to suppress or delete something (usually threads or posts on an internet forum) that would potentially affect the social harmony and stability.
steve: whats up man?
raiden: hell... my posts about edison chen all got harmonized!!!
steve: you mean those dirty things uploaded yesterday?? hahaha
by kyrin February 14, 2008
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