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A skill that is acquired to determine the facial appearance and attractiveness of a person from only witnessing the back of the persons head.
A rating from 0-10 is then conducted before seeing the person. The more accurate your rating was, the better Facebacker you are.
Tom: Hey Jerry, that girl in front of us has appealing buttocks. I faceback her an 8, what do you think ?

Jerry: She's alright but with those size 9 feet I would faceback her a 4.
by Mr_Ryt_Now November 25, 2013

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The act of boasting so much about something you plan to do, that you oversell the event to people. Then the delivery is so aggressively average or intensely disappointing, it hurts your reputation.
Tatakho: He would'a lost that beef even if Drake didn't reply bruh.
You: Why?..
Tatakho: He was Meeking...
by Mr_Ryt_Now August 12, 2015

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Like Deja Vu refers to events, Naija Vu is the feeling of having met a particular black person before, but can't quite be certain.
Becky: I can't help but feel like we've met before. I think it's Naija Vu.

Eman: ....it's what?....
I'm not from Nigeria, I'm South African...

Becky: Whatever. You all look the same."
by Mr_Ryt_Now December 17, 2016

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Playing 'Hard-to-get' is a term frequently used by males to describe dismally failed attempts to seduce or amuse a women, and thereafter, console his battered pride.
Thabo: *texting* Hey sexyface, we should hook up sometime when you're free.

Sexyface: *replies* Hell No.

Thabo: *thinking* She's just playing hard-to-get.
by Mr_Ryt_Now November 25, 2013

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