An invalid excuse for not conducting diplomatic relations with Iran; Doublespeak for "It's my way or the high way". This word is a loaded term used to invalidate the whole idea of Foreign Diplomacy, especially for the purposes of making peace and avoiding war.
"My opponent, Barrack Obama wants to meet with the leaders of Iran without 'precondition". ;- Basically saying, yeah we'll meet with you but only to give the the opportunity to agree to the terms that WE set forth; all is non-negotiable.
by Nico Salazar September 25, 2008

refers to a set of subversive leftist measures which are applied to the social environment of a targeted society. Whereby by means of formulating and interjecting a series of events, preconditioning the social environment so to achieve the forced gradual change in the normal day to day activities of the social group, the entailment of which will be the progressive erosion and ultimately the disruption of the social activities, norms and structure of the society in question.
social preconditioning can best be categorized by referring to the forced change and altering of traditional and normal activities and social habits in Western societies do to the persistent and increasing rise and the threat of terrorism.
by Baron Neville June 20, 2017