Thabo(noun), a South African name originated from the name (Lethabo), most Thabo's are light in skin completion and like laughing a lot. If you have a 'Thabo' in your life, keep him close, one of the most friendly asf people ever made.
Thabo, the one person you wouldn't wanna loose.
by _ penguin.margiela November 12, 2019
A South African Xhosa name that means happiness
Thabo's family was so happy when he came into the family
by thabo_qwabe December 18, 2018
Thabo is just Thabo. He probably liked a girl beginning with E but now likes a girl beginning with I. He can actually roast quite well. He wants to be a professional footballer but he is actually kinda better at basketball. He should look at Thabo Sefolosha a Swiss South African basketball player. He could be him. maybe.
Thabo should be like Thabo Sefolosha a Swiss South African basketball player. (Pic below)
by Urban Dictionary✅ April 17, 2020
Thabo is a South African Xhosa name that came from the name Lethabo. They are funny and really love laughing a lot not forgetting that they are peng asf. If you have a Thabo in your life, keep her😌🔥💯❤️
Hey do you know that girl Thabo, she’s so peng.
by January 25, 2021
God amongst men. Often mistaken for the Rock. Founder of Thaboism.
I was talking to Thabo earlier, but then he turned out to be God, and God said, "We are but men, Rock!"
GodThe Rock
by The SlinkJob February 8, 2012
NBA Basketball Player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Good at defense. Also see "Tha Bo Se Fo." Type in "Tha Bo Se Fo" on urban dictionary.
by ThaboSefoloshathunder December 20, 2013