1. The main villain from the movie Road Warrior. A frighteningly muscle-bound man in a strange (semi-nude) executioner-style getup, mostly balding wispy hairs (presumably due to radiation exposure), and speaking in a deep Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque accent. Possibly in homosexual relations to right-hand-man Wez, but don't you dare make fun of him. Nobody defies the Humungus. NOOUBODY! Well, except Max...

2. Alternately used to describe anyone overly intimidating and/or badass, but a bit quirky behind the scenes and possibly with a "touch of the lavender."

1. Greetings from the Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rollah!

2. Hitler was a HUMUNGUS Fuhrer.
by Parasexual Orgasm March 30, 2006
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Something very large, big or gross. The most popular reference for it is the large, semi-naked, bald baddie called 'Humungus' in the film Mad Max 2 or, in the US, Road Warrior 2.
'Did you see the humungus crater on the waiter's face?'
'Melvin's feet are humungus!'
by Colin L November 29, 2007
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Humungus is a word that can be used to describe something very large. It means the object or thing is bigger than huge, larger than gigantic, but not of infinite size. It can be used to describe loud noises too.
Olivia: that whale is huge!

Joobi: it is humungus!

Jennie: That sound was so loud it almost shattered my eardrums.

Joobi: Yeah, it was humungus.
by Top Defined December 1, 2020
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A thrash band formed in 2010 from Richmond, Va.
Humungus ripped everyone's faces off last night.
by robdogtheparrot March 13, 2013
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"I like women...I have a humungus bungus....You'll be ready to merry me?"(drunk dude on cop show)
by cop watcher August 6, 2010
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1. Something Milkan REALLY!!!!! dosent have
2. Something I have (Also timmy)
1. You dont have koolness kinda like humungus tisemajn
2. I have humungus tisemajn
by Battery sniffer 420 December 2, 2021
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1. a character in mad max 2
2. that dude with the unnaturally large cock.
3. guy who loves petrol.
"GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR PETROL." ~lord humungus
by petrol man May 15, 2017
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