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An old band that had members of Simple Plan, but unlike SP, they actually had good songs such as "Blew It Off" and "Go Away".
Teenybopper: Man, I LOOOOOOVE Simple Plan! Pierre is SOOOO HOT!
Normal Person: Do you like Reset, too?
Teenybopper: Reset?!?!?!?!
by Big M March 13, 2004
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A "hard one" is given in middle school to someone when they say or do something really stupid. In order to give a hard one, you must announce it by saying "that's a hard one!" You then get behind the victim and push their head down. The victim can counter a hard one by saying "self serve", and they are allowed to give themself the hard one, as hard or soft as they wish. You can also say "no self serve" before they have a chance to say self serve, to make sure you can get them hard. You can also say "wiitness", allowing others who see this going on to say "witness", to also give the victim a hard one. The victim can call "no witness", given you have not already called it.
In math class, the teacher explained our assignment and then right after, Brett asked her what the assignment was. We then gave him a hard one.
by Big M February 22, 2004
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Penis, Dick, male organ with nuts
My Berlet hurts..............
by Big M January 29, 2004
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A market town located in the heart of England. Commonly referred to as "a shithole", Daventry is a thriving community of drug dealers, prostitutes and Brexiteers. As one enters the town centre, you can grasp a feel of the local architecture, as you see the never used icon building, in to which all of our funding went, hence why we are destitute. As of recent times, a cinema is being built, which will never open its doors, yet the people of Daventry still continue to fund it. The local Tesco is a place of true culture, as one gets the full Daventry experience upon arrival, having to walk through pregnant teens and coke heads to even make it into the front door. A hotspot for travellers, Daventry has managed to turn itself into the UK's biggest campsite. McDonald's, located south of Tesco, gives a whole new meaning to the term "arse"- as that is how most would describe the smell of the workers, as well as the taste of the food. Despite the local delicacy being drugs, there are plenty of amazing local takeaways - including a run-down pizza place, as well as a Chinese takeout that specialises in food poisoning and sadness. The most famous landmark within the quaint town is known as Borough Hill, and its greatest claim to fame is it did some shit in the second world war. Honestly, we're not happy, we live in hell, but please come to Daventry. You will really love our excessive amounts of pointless charity shops and hairdressers, and the local dealers will accept you right away.
"Oh my god, we can go to Daventry!"
"Wow, that sounds awesome! I love absolute crap heaps!"
by Big M November 24, 2020
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