NNN is the breaviation for one of the hardest challenges the avrage man will face if he wishes to try. NNN stands for "No Nut November" where a man is test to the core of his will to go the whole month of November with out ejaculating. People compare this challenge to Navy SEAL training.
Dude1: Dude are you still doing the NNN?

Dude2: No way man I barrly lasted 16 days in and I finally gave in. It was the biggest nut of my life!
by Cum_shot November 21, 2017
NNN / better known as No Nut November is a month where only the bravest souls would venture into the dark hole of not nutting for month. If you succeed in this challenge you may partake in DDD better known as Destroy Dick December. Only the strongest of men will survive. Those who fail will be considered scum and shunned away by their friends.

These following activities are prohibited:
-Contact with your lover
Goodluck men
Matt:Bro I'm scared. It's NNN and I might not make it.

by NNN world Champion November 24, 2019
i lost nnn to dont mind at night official minecraft music video.
by IEatKidsForBreakFast November 23, 2018
A month in which all mens meat, gay or not shant be beaten
God i just failed nnn
by dicky daddy November 23, 2019
An abbreviation for no nut november, A challenge where one must not achieve an orgasm (nutting) the entire month of November. The rules are simple

1. from 12:00 AM on November 1st to 11:59 PM on November 30th, you may not nut. Whether it be from masturbation or sex does not matter. Once you nut, you are disqualified.
2. Only one wet dream is allowed, and is the only exception to the no nutting rule
3. Free nut coupons do not exist and anyone who uses one is disqualified
4. You are allowed to watch porn and participate in edging, just as long as you do not orgasm.

Those who succeed are allowed to participate in destroy dick december or ddd
If you’re reading about NNN you probably already failed. Wash your hands.
by kitloin November 3, 2021
This is the hardest time for everyone in general. NNN meaning "No Nut November" is the hardest because the teens of this era are very sexually active. They are always nutting and they are always doing something sexual. This month, 3/4 of the people fail. If you succeed in this month, you may as well get a gold metal.
Random Person 1: What does NNN mean?
Random Person 2: It means No Nut November, dont nut.
Random Person 1: Im screwed..
by 40ozfist November 3, 2019