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NNN is the breaviation for one of the hardest challenges the avrage man will face if he wishes to try. NNN stands for "No Nut November" where a man is test to the core of his will to go the whole month of November with out ejaculating. People compare this challenge to Navy SEAL training.
Dude1: Dude are you still doing the NNN?

Dude2: No way man I barrly lasted 16 days in and I finally gave in. It was the biggest nut of my life!
by Cum_shot November 20, 2017
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acronym, for "nope not never" or "no not never" both terms are cop-outs used to shut shit down real quick.
MIA: i saw you steal from the boutique, haha howo were you so calm?
FAYLENE: fuck wait what? no what?
MIA: you took those sunglasses and that top.

mia grabs at stolen merchandise on her friend
FAYLENE: omg i dont steal.. n.n.n.! how dare you. NNN i said nope not never!! fuuuuhhh.
fayline pretends her phone rings & fake answers it to avoid accountability
MIA: okayyyy see ya later? psycho trick god damn...
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by buttboss July 09, 2017
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Abbreviation of "nah, nah, nigga". Allowing someone to know that in fact, they have it all wrong. While its meaning shifts based on the context, it is generally used as a retort following an incorrect statement, especially one made in jest.
Arthur: Man, what happened to rap after The Chronic? All downhill.
Lester: NNN, it's all good, Dre's still got it!

Rupert: Yo Leroy why was you actin like some kinda jive turkey at da club?
Leroy: NNN dat shit was on pointe. Bes respek.
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
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Abbreviation for, "Night Night, Nigga." Used in the hood to show humble respect to each other like the true niggas that they are when they go into a deep slumber after a hard day of battling the streetz.
Nigga 1: Yo, I's tired asf, NNN
Nigga 2: I feel you, NNN
by MyGunGoesBooom February 17, 2014
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You've lived in an OK apartment for years, and then THEY move in. You've now got "Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples" over and over and over (or it could be daytime). If you ask them to turn down the bass, they'll say "hey, we're cool!" yet keep on doing it as if the conversation never occurred. You will always be the "complainer" and they will always be innocent victims of your "unreasonable" expectation that noise rules be obeyed. NNN is how ghettos begin.
by NoNoise April 18, 2009
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