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A state of euphoric happiness without any self criticism about oneself, raising their popularity and social status by putting others down by offending or disrespecting them.

This behavior is usually seen with arrogant and ignorant show-off, constantly seeking for acknowledgment of their superiority in beauty, knowledge, earnings, sports etc., expecting total obedience and sacrifice from others to take second place.
1. He took all the credit for what the team achieved. He's totally happy the pappy with himself.
2. Look at her gloating, she's so happy the pappy about her beauty.
3. I can nearly hear that arrogant ass say "Look at me, look at me, I'm the best". Totally happy the pappy.
4. He's totally happy the pappy, driving his dads car. damn show-off.
5. He thinks he knows it all and do not try to tell him otherwise. Happy the pappy about it too.
by Dirk Draken June 21, 2007
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