To get all over someone, you have sex with that person/s
Man, we will get all over each other tonight. We'll make love like no one's watching.
by CyberCrimina February 27, 2017
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To really enjoy or get enthusiastic about something.
Originally related to food, but now extended to anything that one enjoys.
Richard: "Wow, this dinner sure is swell."
Toby: "Get it all over your face."


Tim: "Halo 3 is coming out soon."
Brads: "Oh man, I'm just gonna get it all over my face."
by halfbrick August 31, 2007
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It is mean without too much emotion.
Whether there's an external change,react accordingly.Follow your instincts as primitive animals do.Don't get all worked up over things.
by donaaaa August 17, 2022
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