If you have a kerem in your life then you are lucky.A Kerem will kick your skinny ass in Fifa. He's quite handsome, somewat smooth, and very intelligent. A kerem will tell you straight up how it is and cheer you up when your feeling down. If You have have a kerem in your life,then you have a cook in your life.
Girl 1: look at that guy over there
Girl 2: wow, that's a kerem right there, wish my bf was more like a kerem.
by J.w.p.girl November 21, 2012
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Kerem is someone special.He is handsome and maybe steals your girl.He's very focused on his goals and never gives up.If you are Kerems friend, then you are a truly good person,because this guy sees who is real just by looking in their eyes.He is also athleic and smart.Kerem is a great hearted person, and shows his good side only to people he loves.He doesn't gives a damn about your opinion and listens to himself.He is very calm unless you try to hurt him or someone he loves.These persons will have their butt kicked.He is propably the coolest guy ever.
Nasilsin kerem
by IllWhopYourAss December 30, 2016
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A handsome guy with a huge penis. All the lady want a piece of him. He is very intelligent and popular
Wow! This Kerem has a big dick
by Theome55 October 18, 2021
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The coolest guy ever, usually of turkish decent. Loved by all races and is the biggest hit with all the ladies. Usually has a fohawk and a sweet chin strap. Football Star and very athletic.

Synomyms: Dave; Awesome; Tank; Jacked; Turk.
"Kerem is pretty damn tank"

D- Yo Kerem, I saw you pwn at football
K- Ya man, led the team in sacks
D- Sweet, wanna go sack veesta and cheyenne?
K- You know i do!
J- Jacob?
by MarkoVasilic June 7, 2009
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Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter as a lemon... but it's a cute guy and have a truly good heart...

Good fonts says that he's an angel... a truly weird and precious one... those who find him on their lives, will experiment a change on their football preferences and suddenly will love Beşiktaş team... They said it's because of his charm...
He have a teacher's soul... He will teach you ever day, every second...how to draw lines, turkish language...etc etc...
Intelligent, sometimes funny, owner of a beautiful smile... He will win you over with his convincing line of argument...
kerem: do you know Beşiktaş football team?
*** : nop, i don't
Kerem: you look like a Beşiktaş football's fan type
*** : ok, i will be a fan then...
by BJkMerYem May 4, 2010
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Otherwise known as Sally. The future owner of Atalay's Aquarium. Brokeback intellect. Obsesser of music. Resembles an owl. Enjoys backrubs and other sexual touching from Michael. Will get raped very soon. At times can be insensitive and not open with new ideas or the thoughts of others. Makes corny jokes and laughs at the weirdest things. Can also be funny and amusing. Tends to be the victim of bad hairdressers and cruel jokes about certain physical features.
I peed because a Kerem verbaly attacked me.
by Sex_Goddess April 22, 2006
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Incest is normal for this guy ,he does NOT hesistate to pull bis cock out oft his pants and to fuck his siblings,until they go crazy.But he prays 5 times a day,so its OK.
by Lgend21 February 1, 2018
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