"Hanging Chad" became popularized from the 2000 presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

A "chad" is the fragments of paper left over when you punch a hole in a card. Voters in Florida at the time used Votomatic style punched card ballots. So a "hanging chad" is when you punch a hole in the card, and it doesn't punch the whole way leaving a little piece dangling. A "pregnant chad" is when you attempt to punch a hole, but it just leaves a bulge and doesn't actually punch through.

The controversy came about when "hanging chads" and "pregnant chads" weren't counted by the machine. People's votes weren't counted.

Imagine if you take those tests where you have to fill out the circle completely with a number 2 pencil. But you didn't totally fill the circle out and your answer was marked wrong.
I tried to vote for my favorite guy, but it wasn't counted because I didn't punch the card the whole way through. I left a hanging chad.
by Ihaveavianflu76 February 14, 2016
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A piece of poop from the main poop that clings to the inside cheek and refuses to fall into the toilet. Failure to knock off the chad with profuse shaking of the buttox can result in the person to have to "wipe down" the chad causing a hell of a wiping session.
Jim tried to push out that extra dookie but failed, resulting in a nasty hanging chad that he couldn't knock loose.
by John Hasselman August 12, 2007
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A key part of the US electorial system.
The hanging chads swung the vote in favour of GW Bush
by black flag May 31, 2004
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An annoying person who tries to be your friend and follows you around.
"Tell that hanging chad to fuck off please"
by Shinku August 28, 2005
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That annoying string of jism hanging off a girls face when she's ready to kiss you after sucking your cock
Yeah she blew me, I couldn't kiss her though man. She had a hanging chad that I couldn't take my eyes off of.
by PORKCHOP September 29, 2004
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A bowel movement with the consistency of clay that clings to the side of one's crack.
Ron's failure to properly clear that Hanging Chad led to chaffing, an offensive odor, buzzing flies, and eventual abandonment.
by Doug Lpd December 3, 2006
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When a singular testicle escapes one's undergarments.
Man, that package readjustment left me with a major hanging chad!
by Hamil$tein October 17, 2006
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