1. To hang on to something with extreme grip.
2. To be left waiting (hanging), sitting at a standstill while you await the return of someone.
3. When you are in a hurry but need something badly, and another person is going to help you out, but all they can do at the moment is tell you to "hang tight"

OJ: I'll take that large bag of smelly sticky bud there.

Drug dealer: ok that will be $60

OJ: Hands him a hundred dollar bill and ask for change.

Drug dealer: Hang tight yo, i'll be right back

While getting it on with your girl she says where is your condom, you reply, ill go get one, hang tight yo!
by 2real4u July 07, 2011
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Hang-tight: In a relationship between a female and male where there MAY or may not be some type of phsyical attraction but there is definetly a type of friendly affectionate bond. Not neccesarily a girl/boyfriend but a relatively close friend. Only between two opposite sexes though...if two males become "hang-tights"...it's just gay.
2.Hang-tight can also be used as a term of affection to describe ones lover.
1.Dameon to Travis: I'm seein u wit Tiffany a lot, wuss good?
Travis: Naw man, it aint even like dat. Das my hang-tight.....
2. "Yo i love her...das my shorty, my boo, my hang-tight. Das bouts to be wifey soon.
by Nay August 24, 2004
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Undetachable, to be close with someone or a group of friends.
I hang tight with my posse.
by @chalcheequin September 03, 2019
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